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At the core of AvoCare is our collaborating medical practitioners that provide house calls.  House calls can offer a unique perspective on a patient's life that is not available in an office visit or during hospitalization.
A house call can foster the patient relationship, and enhance understanding of the patient's environment and support systems. For recently hospitalized patients, the goals include identifying the impact of functional decline, evaluating home safety, identifying medication discrepancies in the transition to home, and monitoring symptoms.  Those requiring additional support we offer the following services:
Guide A Plan

Simply having a plan of care does not ensure adherence, as individuals often require guidance and assistance.  AvoCare exists to guide, support and provide continuity of care as individuals journey through the common, yet difficult, challenges associated with aging or decline. AvoCare was created to fill the voids of our often-fragmented healthcare system.  AvoCare provides person-centered, comprehensive, integrated care using an interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach to meet the needs of at risk adults. The IDT integrates care delivered by multiple providers into a single, comprehensive, individualized care plan that takes into account each participant’s need for care.  AvoCare serves to enhance the care that your doctor provides.

Readmit Rescue™ 


Hospital readmissions are often unavoidable consequence of life-threatening complications that can appear after discharge.  However, recent research reveals that approximately 50% of all readmissions are preventable.  During transitions, patients with complex medical needs, primarily older patients, are at risk for poor outcomes due to medication errors and other errors of communication among the involved healthcare providers and between providers and patients/family caregivers.  Readmit Rescue has redefined post hospitalization care, significantly improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

Observation Care


Recovering from a surgery, injury, illness or discharge from a hospital and lack appropriate support services at home to accommodate your needs?  When faced with complex health care challenges, individuals are more likely to face issues that compromise rehabilitation and compliance.  Through Observation Care, patients have the option of receiving short-term care at home or in the comfort of a certified assisted living community.  Participants in our Observation Care program receive around-the-clock care, medication management, nutritiously balanced meals, and support with ADL’s.  Through Observation Care, patients are more likely to transition home without complication.



Sometimes a friendly connection is all that is needed to ensure compliance and peace of mind.  We call our clients daily, or as required, to confirm client safety and that needs are being met.  Our compassionate representatives offer medication and appointment reminders, answer general care questions, inquire about physical health and mental well-being, and establish transportation as needed.  One of the biggest challenges for seniors is taking the right prescriptions, dosages, and frequency, especially since they often receive prescriptions over time from several different physicians - AidChecks works to alleviate this issue.



For a nominal fee, AvoCare clients may request transportation to and from doctor appointments, pharmacy, and diagnostic testing.  We do not simply pick you up and drop you off at your destination - we will help you get ready and accompany you to your appointment.

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