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PACE Model

Through our revolutionary PACE Model - AvoCare is able to enhance outcomes by improving patient Psychosocial, Access, Continuity & Education needs.



Today’s health care system involves numerous interfaces and patient handoffs among multiple health care practitioners with varying levels of experiences and occupational training.  While health care professionals interact with the health care system regularly, it is important to recognize that for most patients, health care can feel like a...    Read More



The special importance of health care stems in part from its ability to relieve worry and to enable patients to adjust to their situation by supplying reliable information about their health. Most people do not understand the true nature of a health problem when it first develops.    Read More



Psychosocial support of a patient and their family is a responsibility all health care providers share. Supports are aimed at enhancing overall well-being for the patient and their family, strengthening their own skills and abilities, and using their own resources for overcoming challenges.     Read More



Although lack of health insurance has been shown to be a clear barrier to care, having coverage does not guarantee access to health care and preventative services.  The Institute of Medicine defines “access” as “the timely use of personal health services to achieve the best possible outcome”.    Read More

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