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Fill the Voids

“Providing clients with the tools and information they need to manage their own health care needs – fulfilling their potential to lead dignified, healthy and secure lives.”



AvoCare is dedicated to assisting healthcare providers and individuals optimize the delivery of care to those that have been diagnosed with a serious illness, recovering from a surgery, recently discharged from a hospital or sub-acute facility, or simply requiring some assistance.  We are a healthcare planning and coordination service designed to “fill the voids” in an often fragmented health care system. Our Care Coordinators are enthusiastic and passionate about serving others and finding innovative solutions. We guide, support and provide continuity for patients and their families throughout the continuum of care.


Our Care Coordinators are trained to assess, develop and monitor personalized care plans that address patient specific needs and goals. AvoCare coordinates the resources and services needed to ensure patient engagement, smooth transitions and successful outcomes.


Through our revolutionary PACE Model, AvoCare is able to enhance outcomes by improving patient psychosocial, access, continuity and education needs.

  • Create and carry out individualized plans of care

  • Maximize available public benefits

  • Avoid duplication of services

  • Minimize out of pocket costs

  • Help to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations

  • Answer questions and alleviate anxiety

  • Maximize independence and autonomy


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